B. inggris


tolong buatin dialog bahasa inggris tentang certainty/uncertainty - agree/disagree - repetition dalam satu dialog makasiii
p.s. tentang ngajak nonton film baru

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  • a : hey, are you certain that beauty and the beast has started this week?
    b : yeah!
    a : just so you know i checked the schedule online and it was written that it'll start on march 17th. this sunday is only march 13th.
    b : ah, let's just check it next week then.

    the very next week they meet up in the movie theater and saw that beauty and the beast haven't started yet.
    a : see? what did i told you? it'll start on march 17th!
    b : sorry. so what do you want to watch now?
    a : how about the rings?
    b : no, man. i really hate horror movies.
    a : kong skull island, then!
    b : okay!

    they bought the ticket to kong skull island. after they've watched it ....

    b : man, that was so cool!
    a : yeah!
    b : i want to watch it again!
    a : you're seriously going to buy an expensive ticket to watch the same movie for the second time?
    b : yeah, why not?
    a : man, just wait it to be played on a tv station. after that, they will repeat it all over and over again.
    b : oh yeah! i'll do that!
    a : it's getting late we should really get back home.
    b : okay.

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