Write a letter to your uncle telling him about the difficulties you are facing of load shedding in your area.

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  • Answer:

    (Senders address)

    (Your address)


    Dear (Uncles name),

    Uncle,this letter is for you, because we are facing a severe problem and its getting worse day by day,the problem is load shedding.It is now taking more that five hour now for the electricity to come back.As you know we don't have Inverters in our home and here in Kolkata the minimum temperature rise up to 31 degree celsius and the third problem is the mosquitoes ,these three are ruining our lives and we need help.The main core of all problem is the load shedding. Uncle you work in CESE and our electric power supply comes from CESE branch,I I highly request to look into this matter uncle.

    Yours faithfully,

    (Your name)

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