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As the trend of streaming games has started to rise, it has become more important to be able to connect your gaming controllers via Bluetooth. One such example is the Stadia Controller, which was initially only able to connect through USB and Chromecast Ultra. However, with the latest update, Google has finally unlocked the Bluetooth functionality of the Stadia Controller, allowing users to pair it with a range of devices. In this post, we will guide you through the process of pairing your Stadia Controller via Bluetooth, and explore the various benefits that come with it.

Issues faced while pairing Stadia Controller via Bluetooth

Connecting the Stadia Controller via Bluetooth has been a prevalent issue among the gaming community. It’s an essential component as most smartphones and Laptops don’t come with a USB Type-C port, which means that the users can’t connect the controller to these devices. There are several pain points arising due to this issue. Users had to resort to other controllers to play Stadia games on their devices, losing out on the unique features of the Stadia Controller that enhances the gaming experience.

The Process of Pairing

The solution is finally here with the new upgrade by Google. To pair your Stadia Controller via Bluetooth, first, you need to enter the controller’s Stadia settings; select the Bluetooth & accessories option; then hold down the Stadia button until the LED light at the top of the controller blinks slowly in white. Then, search for available Bluetooth devices in your device settings and select the Stadia Controller option, and voila, you’re ready to play.

Summarizing the Main Points

Pairing your Stadia Controller via Bluetooth can be a worthy upgrade to enhance your gaming experience. The process is relatively simple, which can save you from a lot of trouble. The update is crucial as gamers no longer have to stick to just Chromecast Ultra to enjoy the full benefits of the Stadia Controller. On top of that, there are no noticeable lags when playing using the Bluetooth connection.

Connecting Custom Devices via Bluetooth with Stadia Controller

After the latest upgrade by Google, users can connect custom devices through Bluetooth connectivity. The feature was added to enable users to connect their smartphones, laptops, and desktops with the Stadia Controller. Additionally, you can connect the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 when using Bluetooth on your device with the latest firmware update.

Stadia Controller

Advantages of this feature

So what are the key benefits of pairing the Stadia Controller via Bluetooth to custom devices? Firstly, you get to unlock the full potential of your Stadia gaming experience. Overall, the Stadia Controller has unique properties like adaptive triggers and The Google assistant feature, ensuring a much smoother and immersive gaming experience on your desired custom devices as well as vehicles. It also saves gamers from investing in multiple controllers as it can be paired with their desired devices.

Pairing the Stadia Controller with custom devices

Precautions to take before Pairing

Before pairing the Stadia Controller with any custom device, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Firstly, make sure the Bluetooth connectivity on your device is turned on. Secondly, the device you’re trying to connect to should have Android version 6.0 or higher or iOS version 13 or up. Lastly, ensure that the device isn’t connected to any other Bluetooth devices before connecting to the Stadia Controller.

Stadia Controller connection through Bluetooth

Stadia Controller: Bluetooth Connectivity with Android Phones

A bonus point for Android users is that they no longer have to use a cable to connect their Stadia Controller. They can now connect wirelessly through Bluetooth. The process is simple and Similar to the pairing process with custom devices. As with custom devices, make sure your Android device is above version 6.0 and Bluetooth is turned on before pairing.

Pairing Stadia Controller with an Android Phone

Stadia Controller Bluetooth Power Cycle Mode

Google has also introduced a new feature called Power Cycle Mode to save battery on the Stadia Controller while using Bluetooth connectivity. When not in use, the controller goes into Power Cycle Mode, which turns off the Bluetooth to save battery, and wakes up when you hold the Stadia button. This new update ensures longer battery life.

Stadia Controller in Power Cycle Mode

Question and Answer

Q. Can I connect my Stadia Controller to my PS5 through Bluetooth?

A. No, unfortunately, the Stadia Controller cannot connect to the PS5 as it isn’t currently supported.

Q. Can you connect multiple Stadia Controllers to one custom device via Bluetooth?

A. No, you can only connect one Stadia Controller to a device via Bluetooth at a given time.

Q. How long does it take for the Stadia Controller to pair with the device?

A. The connection takes only a few seconds, once the Stadia Controller is set on discovery mode.

Q. Is the Bluetooth connectivity range of the Stadia Controller enough for large rooms?

A. Yes, the Stadia Controller has a range of up to 10m (30ft), which should be sufficient for most living rooms and bedrooms.

Conclusion of Pair Your Stadia Controller via Bluetooth

Pairing the Stadia Controller via Bluetooth saves you a lot of hassle and opens the door for a more immersive gaming experience. With this feature, you no longer require costly controllers to reap the full benefits of the Stadia Controller. Additionally, with the introduction of new features like the Power Cycle Mode, Google showcases their commitment to enhancing user experience.


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